Planning Ayodhya Visit: Ayodhya Travel Guide for Safe, Budget-Friendly Journey

Reaching Ayodhya: Your Easy Guide from Lucknow Airport

The birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya sacred city on the banks of the Saryu River, invites pilgrims and travelers alike with its rich history, spiritual significance, and serene atmosphere. If you’re flying into Lucknow Airport and eager to embark on a journey to Ayodhya, This guide will equip you with all the information you need to navigate your way to this sacred city seamlessly.

The nearest airport to Ayodhya is Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport (AYD). This recently inaugurated airport is located just 8 kilometers away from Ayodhya, offering the closest domestic aviation connection to the sacred city. The inaugural flight from Delhi to Ayodhya is scheduled to arrive on December 30, 2023. Commercial operations for a direct flight between Delhi and Ayodhya will begin on January 6, 2024, followed by tri-weekly flights connecting Ahmedabad and Ayodhya from January 11, 2024. 

However, Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (LKO) in Lucknow still remains a more practical option for most travelers due to its wider range of flight connections and established infrastructure. Lucknow Airport is approximately 150 kilometers away from Ayodhya, offering convenient onward travel via taxis, buses, or trains.

ayodhya travel guide

Ayodhya Travel Guide – Choosing Your Path :

Lucknow Airport is located around 150 kilometers from Ayodhya, offers a range of transportation options to suit your budget and preferences. Lucknow International Airport, officially known as Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (LKO), is the major air gateway to the City. Situated about 14 kilometers from the city center, it plays a crucial role in connecting Lucknow to various destinations both domestically and internationally.

Lucknow Airport is well-connected to major Indian cities with direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa, Indore, Patna, Guwahati, Bhopal, Raipur, Ranchi, Dehradun, and Chandigarh. If your city doesn’t have a direct flight to LKO, you can choose connecting flights through major hubs like Delhi or Mumbai.

  • Lucknow to Ayodhya by road: This is the fastest option, taking about 2 hours 54 minutes. The route via NH27 is smooth and scenic. Renting a car can cost around INR 2,000 per day, while taxis might charge between INR 3,400 and INR 4,100 for a one-way trip.
  • Lucknow to Ayodhya by bus: Buses are a convenient and affordable option, with fares ranging from INR 500 to INR 700.The journey takes about 3-4 hours. Regular buses ply between Lucknow and Ayodhya throughout the day, departing from various locations like Kaiserbagh Bus Depot and Alambagh Bus Stand.

  • Lucknow to Ayodhya by train: Trains offer a comfortable and scenic journey, taking 5-6 hours. Fares vary depending on the class and train chosen, ranging from INR 420 to INR 1,100. Trains arrive at Faizabad Junction, which is about 6 kilometers from Ayodhya. You can easily hire a taxi or rickshaw to complete your journey.

Tips for a Smooth Journey:

  • Pre-book your tickets: Do this if you’re traveling during peak season or on weekends.
  • Carry essentials: Pack water, snacks, and entertainment options.
  • Download offline maps: This is helpful for taxis or self-drive.
  • Learn basic Hindi: This can be helpful in rural areas.
  • Embrace the local culture: Dress modestly and cover your head in temples.

Beyond the Journey:

Ayodhya is a city located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It holds great religious and historical significance in Hinduism. Ayodhya has a rich cultural heritage with numerous temples, ghats, and historical sites. The city attracts pilgrims and tourists from across the country and the world who come to explore its religious and historical significance.

  1. Tourist Attractions:
    • Ram Janmabhoomi
    • Hanuman Garhi
    • Kanak Bhawan
    • Treta Ke Thakur
  2. Festivals: Ayodhya celebrates various Hindu festivals with enthusiasm. Diwali, the festival of lights, holds special significance in Ayodhya as it marks Lord Rama’s return to the city after defeating the demon king Ravana.
  3. Accessibility: Ayodhya is well-connected by road and rail. The nearest airport is the Ayodhya Airport (LKO), and the city is easily accessible from major cities in Uttar Pradesh.

Ayodhya’s cultural and religious importance makes it a significant destination for pilgrims and those interested in Indian history and mythology. The city continues to be a center of religious and cultural activities, drawing visitors from different parts of the country.

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