Indian sailor Abhilash Tomy has become the first Indian and Asian to complete the longest endurance 30,000 mile Golden Globe Race

What is Golden Globe Race

The non-stop round-the-world race, which is the longest and slowest race in the world where the participants to use technology that existed before 1968 and none of the modern cutting edge navigation equipment.

In 1968, the Golden Globe Race was the first ever around-the-world solo yacht race.The race was deemed so challenging that it was never held again until 2018

Tomy had participated in the Golden Globe Race back in 2018 but he had met with an accident while at the third position. His boat was damaged in an unsual storm and he suffered a severe injury to his spine. 

In January 2019, 44 year old Commander Abhilash Tomy quit the Indian Navy to pursue his dream of giving the Golden Globe Race a second shot.

UAE-based geospatial AI company Bayanat supported for Abhilash Tomy’s GGR 2022.

Only three sailors were left from the 16 that started out on the home stretch with 26000 nautical miles done.

Abhilash completed the GGR in 236 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes, 34 seconds on April 29.