Burning Man Festival in US Ends With 9-Hour Long Traffic Jam on Black Rock Desert road

Most attendees got stuck in an 9-hour-long traffic jam as many tried to leave the venue together at same time.

Nearly nearly 80,000 people attended the nine day event in Gerlach, Nevada's Black Rock Desert

Many people even encountered gasoline shortage at gas stations along the road during exit

Burning man is an annual nine-day festival that involves music, art and culture.

Source: www.usatoday.com

It is organized by a non-profit organization called the Burning Man Project.

This is the First Burning Man Festival after three years of Covid lockdown.

Burning Man is organized in Nevada Desert, in the area called Black Rock which is nearly 200km northeast of Reno.

Burning Man started in 1986 and usually starts at the end of summer and follows on to include the Labor Day weekend.

An effigy known as the Burning Man is burned to symbolise the festival's conclusion.