Citroen Ami Could Be  Cheapest Electric Car under Rs. 5 Lakh if Launched in India

MG Air small EV

Citroen Ami could be a perfect competitor for MG Air Small EV rumored to be launched in India in coming years .

Citroen Ami is tiny two-seater compact electric car which is fun to drive and budget friendly too. 

Citroen Ami Electric car

This tiny Ami EV mini electric vehicle is 2.41 metres in length, 1.39 metres in width, 1.52 metres in height and 14-inch wheels.

Ami provides comfortable space for 2 passengers. Passenger seat can be replaced to convert into a delivery vehicle.

With Passenger seat removed, gives a luggage space of 260 litres and load capacity of 149 kgs.

The car has a 5.5 kWh lithium battery for a driving range of 70 km. The car has a built in charger (220v) and can be charged at fast charge stations.

Ami EV has a top speed of 45 km/h and got a powerful 6,000 watt electric motor.

Citreon Ami is inspired from popular Ami-series car that was launched in 1961.

In UK, Citreon Ami can be driven without a driving licence from the age of 16

Citreon Ami categorized as a enclosed scooter. In many cities, the car can be parked on the sidewalk for free.

Citroen also provides many styles, color combinations for Ami EV customisation.