Liz Truss will become Britain's next prime minister after winning a leadership race for the governing Conservative party on Monday

Liz Truss will become UK’s 56th prime minister

She will become third female Prime Minister in Britain, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May

Liz Truss defeated Rishi Sunak by over 20,000 votes

Truss won 81,326 votes compared to Sunak's share of 60,399 votes.

Truss is the MP from South West Norfolk and has held the seat since 2010.

She formerly served as the foreign secretary of the UK under former prime minister Boris Johnson.

47-year-old Liz Truss was born in Oxford. Her father was a mathematics professor, and her mother, a nurse.

Truss will become the Conservatives' fourth prime minister since a 2015 election.

She will be appointed prime minister by Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Tuesday