Zach King is a popular VFX artist and social media personality known for his creative and engaging short videos. King's official YouTube channel is named Zach King.

Who is Zach King?

Zach King Net Worth

Zach King is one of the highest earning TikTok stars  with earnings over $3 Million in the previous year. Zach King’s Net Worth is $15 Million US Dollars.

With the net worth of over $15 Million, Zach King is one of the richest TikTok and YouTube content creators in the world.

Zach King was born on February 4, 1990, in Portland, Oregon, USA. He graduated from Biola University with a Cinema and Media Arts Major in December 2012.

In 2011, he posted a video titled 'Jedi Kittens' where two cats fight with lightsabers on YouTube produced with a college friend. The video gained over 18 million views.

Jedi Kittens -The Cat Fight

The sequels of the video 'Jedi Kittens Strike Back' and 'Jedi Kittens – The Force Awakens' also gained over 28 million views.

King's videos are unique because he uses a combination of practical effects and digital effects to create his illusions.

Zach King has written a book about his life and work, titled "Zach King: My Magical Life." 

Zach King's Book

The book, which was released in 2017, tells the story of how King became a social media star and offers tips and advice for aspiring content creators.